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Awaken 24 is a concept meaning to be in a manual-drive state of mind 24hrs a day. We gather to better ourselves and push to meet our highest potential through coaching, movement, and meditation. Our tribe is of like-minded people who want nothing more than to uplift, empower, and challenge our values and principles in order to truly grow and achieve.

Our meetups will vary from group discussions and Q&A about each other, how we succeeded, are succeeding and what we aspire to; Coaching talks by Erik Oliva on various topics from personal development to life-work progress, meditation and movement practices for self-care.

Ultimately, Awaken 24 is and will grow to be, a community of growth-minded individuals focused on helping each other grow, network, develop skills, and support a positive mindset with the work necessary to achieve.


Classes - Workshops - Coaching

From Personal Development Coaching to Martial Arts and Meditation,
Awaken 24 practices focus on empowering your mind and body to help direct you on your path to amazing fulfillment in 1 on 1 sessions and group.



Personal Development

Sometimes you need an extra push, someone to hold you accountable for your actions and decisions. Why? Because you want your life in your hands! Erik Oliva offers Relationship and Life Coaching according to your specific goals and passions. 31yrs in the making Erik Oliva uses a unique method based on a modern application and understanding of East Asian philosophy and American social culture.


Mind and Body Strengthening

What does it mean to strengthen the mind and body? It means to have both on the same page. Awaken 24 Meditation practices focus on self introspection, breath-work and empowering the mind through gentle movements, and properly guided methods to brighten the enliven the body and mind.


Lectures and Workshops

 Erik Oliva offers a very unique perspective based on his 31 yrs of Meditation practice.  Speaking on Relationships, Self-Doubt, Overcoming Fear, Breakign the Victim Mindset and overcoming abuse, Erik's talks are diverse, and not just for adults. He also teaches children to teens how to overcome social obstacles and empower themselves to pursue their ideas, passions and strengthen their self-esteem and confidence.


Erik Oliva

With over 31yrs experience and study in meditation, East Asian philosophy, Martial Arts and personal development, Erik brings his unique flavor of coaching and teaching with his programs in Awaken 24. Book a free 30min coaching session in Life, Relationship, or meditation using the contact form below.


Awaken 24 Coaching

Personal and Relationship Growth

Business Meeting

Awaken 24 Coaching


Personal development in tracking habits and emotional/mental highs and lows, then cutting them off with specific techniques in order to change the habitual cycles to create that better version of yourself.
Why ?

 Because I have change my life doing so. I went from depressed and out of place, and no direction, to a positive perspective and a total turn around. 

 Because I have spent 31 years actively working on self-introspection, and Meditation, that I arrived at a blank slate in the mind. This experience, through trial and error. gave me the insight to formulate a step by step method that will literally shift ​perspective and offer guidance to change mentally, emotionally and even physically.


How does it work?

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